BCG Henderson Institute

BCG Henderson Institute is the primary driver of thought leadership from the Boston Consulting Group. For over 50 years, they have been delivering their cutting-edge thinking in premium editorial content.

BHI came to us looking for an optimal way of presenting their thought leadership. Our solution was creating a new editorial platform that best reflected BCG's brand perception, and allowed for more seamless integration of content produced (video, infographics, data-driven interactives).

Art Direction: Carbone Smolan Agency
Role: UX, Visual Design 


UX: "Slow and Sparse"

Online experiences are often based on volume and frequency. This makes it nearly impossible to tackle all the stories that come out in one day, let alone judge the worth of each one. Slow and Sparse is about reading with purpose and intention, slowing down and showing readers what is important by presenting less but offering more to engage with the text. It is about publishing only the best inspirational content.


A carefully crafted experience
of BCG's best with no distractions for the user.


BCG Henderson Institute was built to be flexible and robust. Starting with the article format, we created a set of modules that can easily build an article and be expanded and re-used over time. We then took this same approach to the landing page and article collections. This ensured the modules could handle a wide variety of content needs. Shown below are wireframes illustrating the flexibility of modules in article collections. 


Grok Toggle
To grok something is to understand it—to "get" its essence. A BCG grok, therefore, is like an executive summary for a piece of content (an article, a video, a podcast, etc.).  Throughout BHI, we strive to include grok versions of long format content types.  Shown below is an animatic of a grok toggle device, that allows users to quickly view the grok of all the articles in a collection for a more focused reading experience.


Design Direction: "Provocative Discussion"
Provocative Discussion is about promoting the headlines and content to be the artwork and visual for stories. It is about voice as the visual for BHI. 


Content Pilot
To test the robust toolset that we created for the enhanced editorial experience, we asked BCG to provide content for launch. We then designed the article layout; including, chapter navigation, spot illustrations, and pull quotes.