Macy's Culinary Council: Photo Art Direction

In 2002 Marshall Field’s created a council of up-and-coming chefs to lend culinary tips to aspiring gourmands. Fast forward to 2014 and those original members are now the most respected chefs, restaurateurs and taste-makers in the world of food. The problem? There was little awareness amongst consumers of the Macy's Culinary Council.

To prove the Council is not just another empty celebrity chef endorsement, year-round awareness was built through a campaign of print, online and in store appearances that told the personal stories of each chef. 

For the Council's 10th anniversary we have brought the chefs together for one celebratory meal capturing each chef's persona both in and out of the kitchen. 


photographer: Alan Cresto

prop stylist: Forest Watson

food stylist: Allison Attenborough